About Twist

Twist My Armoire started in November of 2011 purely out of my love of thrift shopping and restoring furniture and decor.  I wanted an outlet to share the pieces I was working on, my before and after photos.   I'm a scavenger, can and do spend hours in second hand shops pondering over how I can bring life back into something old.
I've always been drawn to vintage and farmhouse style of decor.  I feel like I should be living on a farm and envy people who have acreage and vintage homes.  I joke all the time about moving to a small town and buying a country store, driving a truck and wearing Levi's every day of my life.  Swinging on the front porch swing for evening entertainment.  But, I have children and grand babies here in Phoenix so this is where I'll stay.
My creativity was inherited.  My mom is a fantastic acrylic artist, my sister is an interior designer and my extended family are wood workers, home builders, artists and all around lovely and creative people.  
My passion is home decor and making my house our home.  My philosophy is to purchase what you love and mix and match everything.  If you love it, it will all eventually blend together beautifully to make your house your home in the most personal way possible.

~ Lisa