It’s so easy, really fun and I find it very relaxing!

I started making candles recently and I love it. You all know I’m a thrifter and I collect vessels while thrifting, at estates and yard sales. I choose to make candles that have no scent. Nothing worse then a candle with a scent that gives you a headache. I burn multiple candles at a time at home and I don’t want scents fighting each other. Candles are ambience to me, a beautiful ambience.

I use 100% natural soy wax beads that comes in a 25lb package. I love this wax, it melts nicely and quickly.

I buy my wax here.

I’ve used vessels made of glass, metal, ceramic and even silver plated gravy boats. Never use wood, for obvious reasons.

If the opening of the vessel is more than 3.5″ you’ll want to use two wicks instead of just one.

I buy my wicks here.

They say to measure your wax beads in the vessel prior to melting them. I don’t do that because when they melt it’s less material and it won’t fill the vessel. So, I just fill the pot with wax beads and fill as many vessels as possible.

This is the double boiler I use.

If the first run doesn’t fill a vessel, I melt more wax and add to it. I would try to do this with a vessel that is not clear glass, but I’ve even done that and there weren’t any lines showing the second pour.

I sell the candles I’ve made on my website. You’ll find them here.

I hope you have fun making and giving candles. It’s a new favorite for me!