Candle Making!

It’s so easy, really fun and I find it very relaxing!

I started making candles recently and I love it. You all know I’m a thrifter and I collect vessels while thrifting, at estates and yard sales. I choose to make candles that have no scent. Nothing worse then a candle with a scent that gives you a headache. I burn multiple candles at a time at home and I don’t want scents fighting each other. Candles are ambience to me, a beautiful ambience.

I use 100% natural soy wax beads that comes in a 25lb package. I love this … Read more

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Our move up north!

The entrance to our new neighborhood – first time living on dirt roads!

If you’ve followed me for a while you know how much Dave and I loved our patio and how much time we spent out there. One evening we were enjoying a cocktail on the patio and dreaming about moving up north, getting out of Phoenix and into a country setting with cooler weather. We’d had this conversation many times before. But this time was different. We looked at each other and said ‘what are we waiting for’? We were so fortunate that Dave has a career spanned … Read more

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Dining Table Makeover

Dave and I bought this table and chairs on Craigslist years ago. I love it, love the texture on the table and the rush seats on the chairs. For the past couple of years I’ve been saying I’m going to refinish the table top. This was the year! I wanted to get it done before the summer heat here in Arizona arrives.

Sanding the top was the first step. I used my handy Ryobi sander with a 120 grit paper. It didn’t take much elbow grease because most of the original finish had worn off. Once I was finished sanding … Read more

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Under the Stairs!

I’m always impressed with how creative people are when it comes to making good use of the space underneath a staircase. I’ve assembled a few favorites in case you’d like to add something fun to your home, or if you just love looking like I do!

Beautiful use of the space! Could be used as a coffee bar too!

I would bet most children would adore this play space!

Photo found on Pinterest. Please message me if you know the source.

So many folks are working from home these days and may not have the extra room to do … Read more

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Transfers on a thrifted find!

I picked up these white framed boards while thrifting a while back. I decided to put some nature transfers on them today.

These are small transfers and I love them because they are really easy to work with on smaller projects. I have many different designs in the small transfers and you can peek at all of them here.

You can apply transfers to painted wood, raw wood, metal and even glass. I’ve had fun putting them on old windows I’ve found at yard sales. I always have my eye open while thrifting for something to apply transfers to. … Read more

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Repurpose a Thrifted Globe

You all know what an avid thrifter I am. I’m hooked, to say the least. When I stumble on old globes and I like the base I always grab them. Typically they’re under $10. Now, I love looking at maps and globes, but I decided to rev it up just a bit and add transfers to them.

I wiped them off with a damp cloth and then painted them with two coats of paint.

The paint I used on both of these is by Eye Love Hue (love the play on words!) and you can peek at all of their … Read more

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Fun & affordable gift idea!

I just love affordable projects especially at gift giving time. I purchased these mugs at the 99CentsOnly store and applied these Christmas rub on transfers and then sealed them! Fun, easy and makes such a great gift!

Transfers are my favorite DIY! They literally rub on to most surfaces. I’ve applied them to wood, ceramic, glass, metal and I’ve seen them applied to fabric. Anyone can do this!

This is what you’ll need:

  • Mugs of your choice. I bought these at the 99CentsOnly store.
  • You’ll find holiday transfers here.
  • I sealed them (just over the transfers) with Eye Love
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Twist Booth!

I started with my first booth in an antique mall about 5 years ago. It was small, but I was very excited!

It was a small space but it was shocking how much work went into collecting the merchandise, cleaning everything, repurposing some pieces and putting price tags on everything. You just don’t realize how much time it all takes until you dive in!

Well, my love of having booth space didn’t stop there.

Two years ago I joined the team of dealers at 3 Vintage Chicks here in Phoenix. I started with a fairly small space and I’ve grown … Read more

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Decoupage your tissue boxes!

See how I’ve dressed up these tissue boxes!

I had such fun decorating these tissue boxes for my house. I’ve only done these two but will be doing more soon! I’m thinking one for each bathroom and one for the guestroom.

This is what I used:

  1. Paper mache tissue box ~HERE
  2. Owl napkins ~ HERE
  3. Decoupage paper ~HERE

Decoupage is all the rage now and I carry several different types of papers and tissue in the Twist shop. You’ll find these and all sorts of DIY fun in the Twist Shop.

Happy decoupaging!

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Apply a furniture transfer to a yard sale find!

I’ll show you step by step how I turned this yard sale table into a beautiful piece by applying a furniture transfer!

I picked this up at a yard sale and right away was eager to pay $10 for it and start going through my furniture transfer inspiration ideas to get this repurposed!

Prep is everything!

Prep is everything. I don’t like doing it, never have and never will. But, I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t prep your project it could easily take double the time, or turn into a re-do.

It was in pretty good shape, … Read more

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Shopping at The Art of Rust!

Decorating with rust, metal and unique finds!

Dave and I stumbled on to this store recently and I could have spent the afternoon there! Filled with chippy wood, rusty metal and unique finds!

The shop is The Art of Rust, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Follow them on FB @ The Art of Rust and IG @ The Art of Rust to see all of their new shipments and special events. Check their website here for their hours before you visit because they travel now and then to shop for new product.

It’s a small shop, most of it is outdoors, … Read more

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The Red Door ~ Sprucing it up for a little holiday DIY!

A DIY project for the holidays!

I bought this door/board dealio months ago and it’s been hanging out in my shop. I wasn’t sure what to do with it but knew I wanted it when I saw it. It was painted red, but had splatters of other colors on it as well. It was a perfect DIY project for the holidays!

We just had our house painted and painted our front door a beautiful red, for a little pop of color. We used Sherwin Williams Spiced Cherry and it was going to be perfect for this project.

So, I put … Read more

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Weekly Faves!

I run across so many beautiful pieces, several great deals and I just can’t stop! It’s an addiction.

Sometimes all it takes is a couple of new items to freshen up a room. I’m a huge believer in buying what you love, regardless of style. Makes your home your personality and that, to me, is charm.

Don’t you love these pumpkins!?!

Click on a photo for all the details ~

Happy decorating! As always, thank you for being here with me. ~ Lisa

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Black & Natural = Cozy!

Who doesn’t love black and natural combined in a room?!? You could add a little zing of color too, maybe cognac or chartreuse…what ever color blows your skirt up! Black and natural, to me, is warm and timeless.

This chair is a must have!

Cutting boards are a common thrift store find too, just sand them down a bit and seal them with hemp oil (makes it food friendly). I see them all the time in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

The little marble and wood cake stand sits on my kitchen counter for my diffuser and sugar bowl. … Read more

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Mirror, Mirror!

It’s not easy to photograph a mirror! You can see my remodeled kitchen in the background on this photo. Peek at my Kitchen Remodel post if you haven’t seen it yet. You can see it here ~

I bought this brass framed mirror at I love the brass edge frame and the chain to hang it on.

I used the IOD transfer Ladies in Waiting, you can view all of my IOD products here ~

Feel free to email me with any questions ~ I’m happy to help! ~ Lisa

Thanks for watching!… Read more

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Japonica Transfer

I picked up this framed mirror at a thrift store several months ago. It was $12.99 and I knew I’d either sell it as is or decorate it somehow, eventually.

I decided to put a transfer on it today and I chose Japonica. I carry several transfers in my online shop and you can view all of them here.

I cleaned the mirror with vinegar and water and a soft cloth before applying the transfer.

It’s so fun using transfers, the possibilities are endless and it is really so simple to apply them. Anybody can do this! You may … Read more

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Kitchen remodel is done!

Dave and I have owned this home for four years now. I knew when we bought it I would want to update the kitchen at some point, but we were fortunate in that it was clean and definitely usable in the meantime.

This was the original version. Laminate counter tops, decent cabinets in that ever so popular honey color, standard sink.

For the past couple of years I knew I wanted to paint the cabinets and I was leaning towards a grey/green color. The cabinets are a good quality and didn’t have any issues, so painting them was going to … Read more

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Fun Finds ~ Beaded Lampshades!

I visit thrift stores probably 2 – 3 times per week. That probably sounds excessive and yes I am addicted…but, I also have a business that relies on fun finds to constantly be funneling through. I love what I do.

It’s funny, I left a thrift store today without anything and realized that I hardly every do that. I’ve become more particular with my purchases as I’ve learned what sells and what sits as well as what the customers like in both of my shop spaces. I just luck out most visits and find at least a couple of items … Read more

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Fun Thrifting Finds!

I am a scavenger at heart and I love thrift stores. My husband, on the other hand, will opt to stay in the car and wait for me.

Thrifting has become a big part of my Twist business. I have two shop spaces here in Arizona and I’m always looking for fun finds to add.

I’m going to share with you on a regular basis some of the fun finds I come across and what I plan to do with them.

Hope you enjoy!

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Junking Saturday!

I headed out to my favorite thrift stores this weekend and really got lucky! Funny how sometimes I find a ton and other trips a big zero. I have a new booth at 3 Vintage Chicks here in Phoenix and I’m having a blast buying goods for my new space. There is something so relaxing for me to roam a thrift store, I’m a natural born junker. Let me show you my finds!

Brass candlesticks are back in style! I found a pair and a single, but they look great as a trio! I paid $3.99 for the taller two … Read more

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My Second Hand Home

I was thinking the other day how my home is like a museum of all of my favorite belongings. Isn’t it amazing that there are no two homes decorated alike? Each one has the personality of the dweller. I just love this! My home is jam packed with hand me downs, either from my Mom or my sister (interior designer so this stuff is good!!) or things I’ve bought at garage sales and thrift shops. I’m a scavenger, if you don’t know that already about me. A good deal will make my entire day. Maybe two days.

So, I’m going … Read more

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New Year = Fresh Start!

The beginning of every new year motivates me to simplify, organize, minimize and start fresh. I always have a new outlook each year and want to do better, feel better and organize more. Guess it’s similar to buying a treadmill or joining a gym, but I’m over trying those.

I surveyed 20 people, men and women, who love to organize and these are the top 10 picks in their “can’t live without” category. Here we go, in no particular order:

  • 1. I’m sure you’ve heard of Marie Kondo and her life changing book ~ Spark Joy. She has a new
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