A DIY project for the holidays!

I bought this door/board dealio months ago and it’s been hanging out in my shop. I wasn’t sure what to do with it but knew I wanted it when I saw it. It was painted red, but had splatters of other colors on it as well. It was a perfect DIY project for the holidays!

We just had our house painted and painted our front door a beautiful red, for a little pop of color. We used Sherwin Williams Spiced Cherry and it was going to be perfect for this project.

So, I put a thin coat of my paint over the top just to cover up the other splotches of paint and to give it a clean look. Some of the distressed marks were good, I just wanted to freshen it up a bit.

Next, was time to decorate with some transfers from Iron Orchid Designs ~ IOD. I chose Le Petit Rosier, which you can find here and added a little color from the Woodland Christmas transfer. I knew I wanted a lot of words on this project and this transfer was perfect!

Once the background design was in place it was time to add a little pop and make this project even more unique.

The final coat was a sealer and I chose DIY Big Top, which you can find at www.diyagogo.com. This is my go to sealer, especially for IOD transfers. It gives the door a little bit of a sheen and will keep the transfer protected for years to come.

Ta-Da! I love it!

As always, thanks so much for being here with me. Feel free to message me with any DIY and IOD questions! ~ Lisa

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