I’m always impressed with how creative people are when it comes to making good use of the space underneath a staircase. I’ve assembled a few favorites in case you’d like to add something fun to your home, or if you just love looking like I do!

Beautiful use of the space! Could be used as a coffee bar too!

I would bet most children would adore this play space!

Photo found on Pinterest. Please message me if you know the source.

So many folks are working from home these days and may not have the extra room to do so.


Nothing quite compares to extra pantry space! You might not be able to stand tall once inside, but that’s ok because pantry space is a win!

Genius! So many older homes don’t have an entry closet. Great use of space!

This next one would take a bit more work, adding the plumbing and all. But, what a great idea!

I love homes that have comfy, cozy spaces to relax. These look like encyclopedia’s, I think I’d rather have a personal book collection on those shelves.

Raise your hand if you’d like more storage! Love that you can access the drawers from either side.


Last, but not least, is this beautiful book shelf and I love how they assembled the books by color!

Thank you so much for perusing these photos. I hope you loved them as much as I did.

Please share any under stairs projects you have done!