The beginning of every new year motivates me to simplify, organize, minimize and start fresh. I always have a new outlook each year and want to do better, feel better and organize more. Guess it’s similar to buying a treadmill or joining a gym, but I’m over trying those.

I surveyed 20 people, men and women, who love to organize and these are the top 10 picks in their “can’t live without” category. Here we go, in no particular order:

  • 1. I’m sure you’ve heard of Marie Kondo and her life changing book ~ Spark Joy. She has a new show on Netflix that is capturing everyone’s attention! PLUS, rumor has it because of the popularity of this show the thrift stores are going to be bursting at the seams!

You can grab a copy of Marie’s book here.

  • 2. Glass spice jars with labels ~ these are great for those of you who like to blend your seasonings.

You’ll find them here

  • 3. So, I have a lot of shoes. I really mean a lot. It’s a weakness of mine. They spark joy. Because of this I have a separate shoe rack in our guest room closet. I was surprised to learn that many others do this as well.

Only $39.99! Grab yours here.

  • 4. If you entertain often a rolling cart is a must have. Bring this out to the patio or deck, move from room to room and it’s fantastic for clean up after a party.

You can buy yours here.

  • 5. A very special journal that gives you the space to organize your goals with inspirational messages along the way.

Pick one up for you and a friend here.

6. Everyone agreed that a place to hang your jacket, purse and maybe a backpack or two at the entry of your home is a life saver. One that looks this good is even better!

Pick one up for your entryway here.

  • 7. Very few bathroom counter tops stay organized. Having a little cabinet to hold towels or daily toiletries is super handy. This cabinet in particular is tall and narrow so will fit in smaller spaces.

You’ll find it here.

  • 8. Do you lose your lids? I do! I eventually find them after sitting on the floor and removing most everything in the cabinet. Dave installed one of these for me and everyone agreed this is a keeper! By the way, these aren’t my pans…but they do match the Twist tree.

We bought ours here.

  • 9. Keep your trash and your recycling in one, handy spot. This is great because we’ve had our recycling in the garage for years. So nice to have it all in one place.

You’ll find it here.

  • The 10th favorite was a toss up between a jewelry organizer and a make up organizer. The jewelry ultimately won. I love the chicken wire for earrings!

You’ll find it here.

This was fun and I thank everyone who chimed in on this one. It was fun to hear all of the favorites. Thanks for being here with me! I hope you enjoyed! ~ Lisa