Dave and I have owned this home for four years now. I knew when we bought it I would want to update the kitchen at some point, but we were fortunate in that it was clean and definitely usable in the meantime.

This was the original version. Laminate counter tops, decent cabinets in that ever so popular honey color, standard sink.

For the past couple of years I knew I wanted to paint the cabinets and I was leaning towards a grey/green color. The cabinets are a good quality and didn’t have any issues, so painting them was going to be much more economical than replacing them.

I bought a $5 sample from Dunn Edwards and painted a board I had in my shop so we could live with it for a little while and see what we thought. The color is Harbor Mist Gray.

This was the color! Now for the counter tops. Quartz or granite. I knew both were equal quality and from what I’ve seen granite was probably a little too busy for what I had in mind. This isn’t a large kitchen so I didn’t want busy. I knew I wanted a simple and clean.

When we saw this quartz slab we knew it was it! (It has a plastic protective cover over it in the photo)

Farmhouse sink was always on the list! I’ve wanted one forever! We have white appliances (which I love!) and so I wanted a white sink to match. Every time I step up to this huge, beautiful farmhouse sink I smile. You’ll find all the details on my sink here ~ https://amzn.to/3bFMNa7

The faucet just like the sink I knew I wanted simple. It wasn’t until recently when I saw the champagne bronze finish and knew that was for me. All the details on my faucet are here ~ https://amzn.to/32a0bjr

Next was hardware. My original cabinets did not have hardware but why not add them!! Of course they had to match the faucet, champagne bronze was what I was on the hunt to find. Online I found a source ~ D. Lawless Hardware. I’m telling you they have a beautiful selection, the quality is top notch, their customer service is outstanding and I bought all of my kitchen hardware for under $100. Unheard of. You can reach them here ~ https://store.yahoo.com/cgi-bin/clink?dlawlesshardware+9c6jKh+index.html+

I had all the pieces now and it was time to demo. The contractors we used came recommended by a friend and they were wonderful to work with. I highly recommend you do your homework, check on licenses, look them up on BBB, all of it. You want a good job and you want them to show up!

When the quartz came in I knew I was in love!

The cabinets under the new farmhouse sink had to be cut down to allow for the apron on the sink. We had a cabinet maker handle this for us. It was reasonable and we wanted it to look like it was original.

Our upper counter top was also laminate and we chose to buy an old barn wood plank instead of matching the new quartz counter tops. We aren’t quite finished with it, needs some sanding on the corners, but it was a fun project Dave and I did together. We love it! It added warmth and texture to the kitchen.

Our painter (who we highly recommend, if you’re in the Phoenix area message me for contact info) made a spray booth in our garage. He brushed the bases and sprayed primer and two coats of color on the cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

The combination of our white appliances, our simple, clean quartz, the champagne bronze and the beautiful green cabinets make cooking a dream. I have zero regrets, I love every choice we made!

Not long after we finished our stove stopped working and we bought a Cafe and love it!

You’ll find them here.

I splurged on this gorgeous black walnut serving board. You can find one here ~ https://amzn.to/3m2Jf6B.

It can be used for serving but I’m using it as a cutting board because I know I can sand it on occasion and will treat it with this wood conditioner and wax, which you can find here ~ https://amzn.to/338PIEu

The stainless steel container you see on the counter next to our fridge is a Berkey water filtration system. Tap water here in Phoenix is not good and we were buying bottled water, which is horrible on many levels. I’m super water picky and only bought Figi or Smart water in the bottle. The water we get from the Berkey is noticeably better than any bottled water I have every tried. Everyone who has tried it has loved it as well and most have bought one for their own homes. You can grab your Berkey here ~ https://amzn.to/2R9q3WB

Last, but not least, the rug. Dave and I have a thing for braided rugs, reminds us of our childhoods. This one is perfect because the colors go nicely with everything we upgraded and it hides a lot! You’ll find the rug here ~ https://amzn.to/2R3vVk2

Floors are next! Stay tuned!

Thanks so much for being here with me and reading my stories! I appreciate you!

~ Lisa