Mirror, Mirror!

It’s not easy to photograph a mirror! You can see my remodeled kitchen in the background on this photo. Peek at my Kitchen Remodel post if you haven’t seen it yet. You can see it here ~ https://www.twistmyarmoire.com/kitchen-remodel-is-done/

I bought this brass framed mirror at http://www.99only.com. I love the brass edge frame and the chain to hang it on.

I used the IOD transfer Ladies in Waiting, you can view all of my IOD products here ~ https://www.twistmyarmoire.com/collections/transfers

Feel free to email me with any questions ~ I’m happy to help! ~ Lisa

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Japonica Transfer

I picked up this framed mirror at a thrift store several months ago. It was $12.99 and I knew I’d either sell it as is or decorate it somehow, eventually.

I decided to put a transfer on it today and I chose Japonica. I carry several transfers in my online shop and you can view all of them here.

I cleaned the mirror with vinegar and water and a soft cloth before applying the transfer.

It’s so fun using transfers, the possibilities are endless and it is really so simple to apply them. Anybody can do this! You may … Read more

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Kitchen remodel is done!

Dave and I have owned this home for four years now. I knew when we bought it I would want to update the kitchen at some point, but we were fortunate in that it was clean and definitely usable in the meantime.

This was the original version. Laminate counter tops, decent cabinets in that ever so popular honey color, standard sink.

For the past couple of years I knew I wanted to paint the cabinets and I was leaning towards a grey/green color. The cabinets are a good quality and didn’t have any issues, so painting them was going to … Read more

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