I picked up these white framed boards while thrifting a while back. I decided to put some nature transfers on them today.

These are small transfers and I love them because they are really easy to work with on smaller projects. I have many different designs in the small transfers and you can peek at all of them here.

You can apply transfers to painted wood, raw wood, metal and even glass. I’ve had fun putting them on old windows I’ve found at yard sales. I always have my eye open while thrifting for something to apply transfers to. An old jewelry box, or a globe! Peek at my globe project here.

All I did with these framed boards was to wipe them clean and sand a few marks off them. This whole project took maybe 40 minutes to complete.

I could spend all day on this type of project. Look around your house…I bet you have something that would look great with transfers on it!

Message me with any DIY questions. Have fun! ~ Lisa