You all know what an avid thrifter I am. I’m hooked, to say the least. When I stumble on old globes and I like the base I always grab them. Typically they’re under $10. Now, I love looking at maps and globes, but I decided to rev it up just a bit and add transfers to them.

I wiped them off with a damp cloth and then painted them with two coats of paint.

The paint I used on both of these is by Eye Love Hue (love the play on words!) and you can peek at all of their paint colors by visiting here.

I cruise the thrift stores in my area every week looking for items I can repurpose. Whether it needs it or not, I love taking something I paid a couple of dollars for and turning it into a piece I would put in my home, or sell in my booth. I’ve been doing this for years (decades) and in the past couple of years have turned it into my business, which I love.

Once the paint was good and dry I started applying rub on transfers to them. You can find many different transfer designs in my shop here.

So fun! This project was done in under an hour and was super affordable!

I hope you find a wonderful thrifted globe and have some fun! Send me pictures of your finished globe! ~ Lisa