I headed out to my favorite thrift stores this weekend and really got lucky! Funny how sometimes I find a ton and other trips a big zero. I have a new booth at 3 Vintage Chicks here in Phoenix and I’m having a blast buying goods for my new space. There is something so relaxing for me to roam a thrift store, I’m a natural born junker. Let me show you my finds!

Brass candlesticks are back in style! I found a pair and a single, but they look great as a trio! I paid $3.99 for the taller two and $2.99 for the shorter one. Add white candles and they will be beautiful!

I’ve always been a fan of lovely little tea cups. I’m not a tea drinker but always think these cuties should be used daily! I love the blue one! I paid $3.99 a piece. I always run my finger along the edges of things like this to be sure there aren’t any tiny chips that I can’t see. These babies are perfect!

I love ceramic glassware, they seem to keep your drink chilled very nicely. A set of four, in excellent condition for a mere $1.29 each! I found a few different types of glassware for $1.29 each, that must have been the lucky price of the day!

I’m a basket lover. I organize, store things and display collections in baskets. I find great baskets at thrift stores for a fraction of the cost new. I’ve even brought them outside, hosed them off and let them dry in the sun if they are dusty. I love the shape of this basket and it’s in great condition. I paid $3.99 for it.

Tall green glass vase stands 18″, very nice standing alone with candlesticks or filled with something fun. I paid $7.99 for this gem. It’s heavy too!

The bohemian part of me came out with this purchase. It was calling my name from the shelf. Adorable on a desk or nightstand with one of your favorite little faces inside.

A Rae Dunn take-off but I’m okay with that! These are cute and are a great size for coffee or hot chocolate. These were $1.29 each. That magic number!

A fun shape glass with cute words painted on them. These would be great with Sangria on a summer day. I like the 5 PM one best, it’s five o’clock somewhere! Also $1.29 each.

These adorable planters are available ad the 99 Cent store! Super cute with succulents or herbs! And, you can’t beat the price! They even have little rubber stickers on the bottom of each corner so they won’t scratch a surface. Grab them while they last!

Another super cute 99 Cent store find! Lined with plastic so a plant can live here, hang on your patio wall or even inside with faux plants/flowers inside. Love the texture and naturalness of these!


Stacking side tables with beautiful lines and legs. All three for $24.99. The DEAL OF THE DAY! I scooped these up so quick it made my head spin. They need a little work but I’m excited to bring the life back into them.

That was my Saturday thrifting day in a nutshell. Thanks so much for being here with me! Share your deals too ~ I’d love to see them! ~ Lisa